What are Instagram Reels? Can Instagram Reels Compete with TikTok?

Instagram Reels is a new feature of the world’s leading photo-sharing social network. Instagram Reels was born to “beat” China’s notorious security lip-syncing video app – TikTok.
Instagram Reels interface.

Do you often share photos & videos on Instagram? If yes, try Instagram Reels now. Since Reels is integrated into Instagram, you don’t need to download a new app to do so.

What are Instagram Reels? Can Instagram Reels compete with TikTok?

What are Instagram Reels?

As mentioned at the beginning, Instagram Reels is an improvement of Instagram to replace TikTok’s position. Reels give you a new option for Instagram’s camera. You can now record and edit short videos up to 15 seconds long. Especially, you can add music and Instagram effects to the new reel.

Those who are used to using TikTok will be familiar with Instagram Reels at first sight.
Instructions on how to use Instagram Reels for beginners

Since Instagram Reels isn’t a separate app like the others, accessing it is pretty easy. You have two ways:

  • In the top left corner of the Instagram window, tap the Camera icon.
  • Click the Your Story icon.
  • Swipe to the right of the feed screen from any position.
  • Click Camera below.

Every option here opens Instagram’s camera. Now, look at the bottom of the screen to see the Reels text. Swipe right to highlight text and open the Reels interface.

Set video settings

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Because Reels integrates with regular Instagram, anyone who has posted a Story or live stream on this social network will easily recognize its interface. The top 3 buttons (settings, flash, x – exit) and camera view button are on the right, bottom as usual.

Before recording anything, it’s a good idea to explore some of the options available in the tools menu on the left. They allow you to do the following:

  • Music note icon supports you to search, view suggested music, browse categories for videos. You can include an entire song to play in the video (with lyrics of your choice if you want).
  • The speed button icon allows you to slow down or speed up the reel. This affects both video and audio.
  • The smiley face icon provides different camera effects. You can scroll through the list to find the effect you like best.
  • Finally, the clock icon allows you to set the duration of the next clip. When you hit Reels’ video record button, you’ll see a countdown that shows Instagram Reels is active.

After recording the first Reels clip, you’ll also see an align button. It allows you to use the transparency of the last clip to align before moving on to the next recording. Once you’re familiar with the tools above, you can start recording videos right away.

Instagram Reels Video Recording

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Just tap the Reels button in the center of the screen to start recording a clip. If you tap and hold, the clip will stop recording when you lift your finger. If you just touch, Reels will record until you touch again.

Remember, you don’t have to record a full 15 seconds of video at a time. The progress bar at the top of the screen shows how long the total 15 seconds have been recorded. You can always record short clips and then join them with the alignment tool.

In addition, you can also download and use previously recorded videos in your phone’s gallery to Instagram Reels. If it’s longer than 15 seconds, you need to cut the duration.

Instagram Reels Video Editing

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Once you’re done recording, it’s time to start editing the scene. The first thing you will notice is the left & right arrows around the Reels dial. Both offer different scene editing options and functions.

How to Split, View or Delete Edits

If you tap the button on the left, you get access to more in-depth edits. Here, you can preview, split, or delete the last recorded clip. If you select the scissors icon, the Trim option will open.

At the bottom of the next screen there is a bar that adjusts the entire click duration. When this bar is adjusted, the preview video playing on the screen will be updated. Tap Trim in the upper right corner to update the clip length.

If you really don’t like a clip, you can click the trash can button. Then an action validation message appears. If you remove it, Reels will return you to the video recording screen.

Add Text, Drawing or Stickers to Reel

When tapping on the right, a preview video will play automatically. You can now add an ending if you want before you post the video. If you tap the sticker button, you can find stickers available on Instagram or choose one of the default options. Then, use your finger to move the sticker to the position you want.

Drawing icons and fonts work the same way as above. You just need to pre-select your favorite styles and add them. Instagram also has a download button for you to save the video before or after editing on the screen.

Post videos Instagram Reels

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After completing all necessary edits, tap the right arrow again. Before sharing Reel to Instagram, you have several options to explore. You can adjust the cover photo by touching the preview image. Then simply select a frame from the video to update the preview or add a photo from the gallery.

Additionally, you can caption, share or unshare Reel to your Instagram feed… If you choose to save your Reel as a draft, you can access it later from the Reels tab on your profile page.

Finally, you can click Share, watch the video upload and start sharing Reels with everyone.

Can Instagram Reels Compete with TikTok?

The answer is yes. Instagram Reels is more prominent than TikTok by the following 2 factors:

  • Care about the security and privacy of users.
  • Built-in rich music selection, clearly divided into categories so that users can choose right at their fingertips, making their videos more attractive to the audience.
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Overall, Instagram Reels provides a great way for you to connect with people. Instead of risking your privacy to use TikTok, switch to Instagram Reels. You will feel safer, more comfortable with equally great options.