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Hotspot Shield VPN application, which is very popular on computers, now has a version for the Android platform. Like the desktop version, Hotspot Shield VPN for Android allows users to protect their personal information. However, unlike other VPN apps for Android, Hotspot Shield VPN offers users a lot of benefits and features.

Hackers, spies, botnets, snoopers often monitor unencrypted wifi hotspots to steal data or important information. This software will hide your IP address from these cyber criminals and protect your personal data from being hacked or misused.

Download Hotspot Shield VPN App for Android Phone

Download Hotspot Shield App for Android Devices Free VPN software. Get the best VPN software offline installer for your Mac PC today and enjoy access to all your favorite content privately and securely. You can also get the Hotspot Shield App for Android Devices full version by activating your VPN with the original license key.

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  • Operating Systems: Android

Is the data bandwidth usage fee constantly increasing, even higher when roaming a foreign network cause you to worry? By using Hotspot Shield VPN, users no longer have to worry about those constantly increasing fees. For the same bandwidth cost, Hotspot Shield’s advanced compression technology allows android devices to download content twice.

This comes in really handy if you watch a lot of videos or are traveling to countries like Japan or Switzerland where data charges are quite high. In addition, this application also has a very useful feature, allowing users to monitor the savings in each web surfing.

Hotspot Shield App for Android Download

Experience Using Wifi Completely Secure:

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are generally not secure, and any information you send or receive over this network is public and “available” for anyone to see and use. If you are traveling and using the network of a hotel, airport, cafe, or another public wifi hotspot, the Hotspot Shield VPN application is especially beneficial in this case.

Recent studies show that even password-protected home Wi-Fi networks can be easily accessed by hackers. Use Hotspot Shield to encrypt data sent over the internet and prevent hackers from stealing your passwords or stealing your credit card information.

Surf the Web Completely Anonymously:

You can stay secure while surfing the web only when using an anonymous surfing solution. The Hotspot Shield VPN app will hide the device’s IP address. This will help protect users from hackers on the web as well as ISP network providers, who are always recording your activities.

Unlike service providers, this application does not record any activity and does the job completely confidential, safe every time the user surfs the web. Support languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, German, Chinese.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android Supported Devices:

Support Android version 2.x/3.x.
Does not support Android operating system version 3.x.
No support for Amazon Kindle.

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