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Last Updated on 03/09/2022

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Let the sky shower dew on his grave

I was looking for another book in my library when suddenly Iqbal Mehdi’s cover “Hamzad Da Dukh” by Tariq Aziz came out and I got lost in the magic of late Tariq Aziz’s Punjabi poetry.

You wrote this collection on February 19, 1999, while giving it to me ….. 

“Hamzad Da Dukh” for Hassan Nisar who knows what happens. A lot has been written, it has been said that it was beautiful and beautiful but after re-reading “Hamzad’s Da Dukh” I am constantly wondering if we really know the real Tariq Aziz or if we need to rediscover this person and say Isn’t he hiding behind his historic television-performance?

The preface of the book is written by the late Banu Qudsia
And I can’t help but wonder why beautiful people die, and if it were so necessary to die, such people would have lived for thousands of years. I remembered a poem that probably belonged to John Elia. 

(Translated from Punjabi)…

“How charming you are, how charming I am 
What a pity that we will die”
کتنی دل کش ہو تم کتنا دل جُو ہوں میں”
“کیا ستم ہے کہ ہم لوگ مر جائیں گے

But maybe we are the ones who are deceived, otherwise, these people are always alive in their own affairs.

Tariq Aziz writes in his poem “Utopia”

“I would like to see before death a city whose inhabitants do not hate each other, whose rulers do not fight like snakes after money, where people do not die every day before they die.”

Unfortunately, this wish of Tariq Aziz could not be fulfilled and it is very sad that it does not seem to be happening for a long time. Tariq prays to God. “Teach us such names, fill us with gold, give us deep knowledge, and make us very upright.”

Entitled “True Shirk”  Another short poem,

One of the poems is entitled “Living Consciousness of the Dead”.
And the poem consisting of four verses is something like this.

(Translated from Punjabi)…

“For me, and for me, the poisonous fruit tree, 
don’t give me any medicine.”
’’میرے لئی تے زہرسیپھلاں دی خشبو
میرے لئی نہ د وستاتوں ایڈا اچارو‘‘
“Far away, the sky is the limit of truth, 
the world is the mother of all mothers.”
’’دور پرے اسمان تےرب سچے دا
 ناں ہیٹھاں ایس جہان وچ بس اک ماں ای ماں‘‘

What is this poem titled “A Real Flower” dividing the human race into only two tribes?

(Translated from Punjabi)

“From time immemorial there have been two tribes in the world who drink poison and who give poisoning.”
’’مُڈھ قدیم توں دنیا اندردو قبیلے آئے نیں
اک جنہاں نے زہر نیں پیتےاک جنہاں نے پیائے نیں‘‘

And now finally this poem titled “Hamzad Da Dukh”

(Translated from Punjabi)

Last night, strong winds were blowing all over the city
Poisonous wrath was spreading all around

I kept my mouth shut With all my power Don’t know what’s going on”



پچھلی راتیں تیز ہواسارے شہر وچ پھر دی رہی , 
زہری قہردا کوئی وظیفہ چاروں پاسے کر دی رہی
 میں تے بوہا بند ای رکھیااپنے پورے زور نال پتہ نئیں کیہ 

My dear, it is the responsibility of certain types of people to continue the search for another Tariq Aziz. Among them, Prof. Dr. Mehdi Hassan is at the top because he is not only a close childhood friend of Tariq Aziz but also a companion of the unforgettable days of the early struggle of practical life and we are not only secret but also cousins.

It should not be that Tariq Aziz Sahib’s more “glamorous” work on television is making a curtain for his real work, creative work.

Let the sky to bring dew on its grave.

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