Ustad Ameer Ali Khan Passed Away. We have lost another Sweet voice.

Ustad Ameer Ali Khan Passed Away. We have lost another Sweet voice.

Ustad Ameer Ali Khan A great Singer and musician Passed Away on 13 June 2020 due to illness.

Who Was Ustad Ameer Ali Khan?

Ustad Ameer Ali Khan Qawwal is Son of Great Ustad Rafeeq  Ali Khan Qawwal, Born in Depalpur Pakistan. His family hailed from Kapurthala in East Punjab and migrated to Lahore and then to Deepalpur after 1947.  

Ustad Ameer Ali Khan’s father Ustaad Rafeeq Ali Khan was a student of the great Ustaad Fateh Ali Khan and Ameer Ali Khan of his son, the legendary Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

There is a unique musicality to Ustad Ameer Ali Khan’s style of recitation, matched by the complex, vocal expressions of his accompanists. 

Many people from India and Pakistan who love ustad ameer Ali Khan are shocked after listening to ustad ameer Ali kan death news. 

Ustad Ameer Ali Kha Murkiyan Waly:

Ustad Ameer Ali Khan and His Father Ustad Rafiq Ameer Qawal were fondly called Murkeyan Wale qawwal as they were inimitable in their rendition of (murkis).

A great Singer and musician Passed Away on 13 June 2020. This music will live on through his sweet and voice. 

He had such a charm and twinkle in his eye, almost like a naughty kid trying to have fun except he made us all go through spiritual journeys through his voice.

Most people know him after Listening to his songs on Youtube Channel The Dream Journey. He has magic in his voice if someone listens to him then he becomes a fan of Ustad Ameer Ali Khan. He has thousands of his fans all over the world, especially in India and Pakistan.

The Shocking thing is that we haven't seen any news about his death over Pakistani media. He is the singer of the level of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan but he had a different level of voice which you can only feel in your heart.

Ustad Ameer Ali Khan Age:

Ustad Ameer Ali Khan was born in 1955 in Depalpur Punjab, He died at the age of 65 years old, on 13 of June 2020.

 Ustad Ameer Ali khan also was known with many other sweet names like Ustad Ameer Ali Khan Muskan wale, Ustad Ameer Ali khan qawwal, and ustad ameer Ali khan murkier waly.

You Can Listen to some of Ustad Ameer Ali Khan's best songs through the following link to realized how sweet the voice Ustad Ameer Ali Khan had.

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  1. He was a Gem. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen

  2. Oh, it's a shocker. Thanks to "The Dream Journey" on YouTube and this page, I came to know his demise. A great singer. May his soul rest in peace🙏


Thanks for your Intrest.