What Was The Reason For Priyanka And Herman’s Breakup

What Was The Reason For Priyanka And Herman's Breakup

Quora TV (05 July 2020):

Actor and producer from the Indian film industry Herman Bavija have given a reason for breaking up with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. What was the reason for Priyanka and Herman’s breakup?

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra had a close friendship with Indian actor Herman before her marriage to American singer and actor Nick Jonas, which they both intended to change into a future marriage. Priyanka had made a name for herself in the film industry at the time, while this was Herman’s first film and he was brand new to the industry.

The film Love Story 2050 did well at the box office as soon as it was released which also caused a rift in Priyanka and Herman’s relationship and after living together for 2 years, the both separated their ways.

According to Indian media, Herman Bavija, in an interview about Priyanka and her separation, said, “He was not able to give Priyanka time as he was busy building his career and that is why the two are separated.” Gone. ‘

Herman Bavija said, “He blames himself for the separation. Priyanka used to ask him for his time but he was busy. He was under a lot of pressure after his two films flopped and he performed well in the third film.” Wanted to do.

He added that he was so busy and engrossed in the third film that he remembers that once his director scolded him for it but he crossed all boundaries which resulted in his And Priyanka was separated.