Janat Mirza’s New Fashion Style, Joggers With lehenga

Janat Mirza, New Fashion WithJoggers With lehenga

Janat Mirza’s fashion sense is also considered to be the best in Faisalabad Pakistan.

Heaven has given a useful piece of advice to women who want to look stylish.

Janat Mirza, who is studying in Japan, is currently in his hometown of Faisalabad to attend his cousin’s wedding. Photos and tick-tock videos taken at various wedding ceremonies have gone viral on social media.

On Instagram, Janat has shared her charming photos from the henna ceremony in an orange lehenga, but eliminating the idea of ​​high heels attached to the lehenga, Janat is wearing comfortable joggers on her feet.

Jannat wrote in the caption not to be too active but sometimes it is very comfortable to wear joggers with such clothes.

Explaining the formula, Janat added that the whole function goes smoothly and heels are not needed.

This advice was also well received by the followers of Jannat and the female fans in their comments praised Tuck Tucker and confirmed this. The number of Tuck Tuckers of Jannat Mirza has now increased from 10 million to 11 million.

Janat Mirza had earlier made an entry in the Janat Mirza music video in July 2020. The Punjabi song titled “Poet” was released by singer, songwriter, music composer, and producer Bilal Saeed under One Two Records which was sung, written, and composed by Sarmad Qadeer.