How to Get a Family Visa for ‘Saik Khas’? سائق خاص

 How to Get a Family Visa for 'Saik Khas'

Is it possible to get a family visa for ‘Saik Khas’?سائق خاص

Air travel is currently being re-banned in most countries around the world due to a new form of the corona virus.

Saudi Arabia has also imposed an international embargo for a week, with officials saying sanctions would be announced after a review of the situation.

Restrictions on international travel were again imposed for a week from December 21, officials said, adding that a one-week extension was also possible. Questions received from Quora News readers in this regard are being answered.

Noor Mohammad: I came to Pakistan on holiday on September 5, 2016 and did not return. Can I go to Saudi Arabia on a new visa now?

Answer: Under the immigration laws in Saudi Arabia, foreign employees who do not return on time after leaving the vacation are found to be in violation of the residency laws. Such persons are blacklisted in the kingdom for three years. Is done.

According to the law, if no other violation has been recorded against you, ie no complaint has been lodged by your previous company or institution and no illegal work of any kind has been registered against you, then after the said ban, ie after three years. You can come to the country on any other visa.

Muhammad Idrees: My profession is ‘Saik Khas’. Can I get a visit visa for my family?

Answer: Under residency laws in Saudi Arabia, foreign workers with family status are allowed to call their family on a visit or permanent residence visa.

Your profession is ‘Saik Khas’ i.e. family driver and this profession is called ‘Personnel’. You work under the sponsorship of a personal sponsor and not of a company.

Family visas are not legally granted to family drivers or domestic workers.

Nazir Iqbal Qureshi: I have been working as a site engineer in a company for the last 12 years. It remains to be seen whether we will have to pay a fee under the new rules.?


Saudi Arabia is making significant changes to its labor laws for foreign workers, which will take effect on March 15 next year.

Among the conditions that have emerged so far regarding the proposed law are the sponsorship system. In this regard, the Ministry of Manpower also said that the laws regarding the residence and labor of foreigners in Saudi Arabia. I don’t have the word ‘sponsorship’.

Under the new law, the foreign workers’ agreement will be important, according to which foreign workers will be able to work.

As far as your question is concerned, the issue has not been clarified yet. However, the Ministry of Manpower has said that if a foreign worker works from another place, In order to meet the demand for work, he will be allowed to work in another place for which there will be no need to change residence.

It should be noted that the points regarding the new law will be clarified further next month. As soon as the points are clarified by the Ministry of Manpower, I will be informed about them in Quora News.