Mysterious Metal Pillars Continue To Appear

Sensational metal pillars continue to appear and disappear around the world, another metal pillar has appeared in Colombia and what is even more disturbing is that it is golden, unlike other pillars.

A golden metal pillar has appeared in the South American country of Colombia. This pillar has appeared in a rural area of Colombia.

Mysterious Metal Pillars Continue To Appear

The unique thing about this pillar is that it is golden in contrast to the pillars that have appeared before. Locals say he is the master who rules over all the pillars that have appeared so far.

On the other hand, another metal pillar appeared in the European country Holland, this pillar is silver like other pillars.

The pillar is built in the mud on the river bank. It is amazing to the locals how such a heavy pillar was brought here as there is only a footpath.

Remember that the first metal pillar disappeared after appearing in the desert of the US state of Utah, later a similar pillar suddenly appeared and disappeared in the European country Romania.

Then a third pillar appeared in another US state, California, and disappeared a few days later.

Most people seem to be saying that this pillar space creature has been installed here and now the idea of ​​their presence is frightening them.

This unique sight in the United States and Romania is reminiscent of the famous 1968 science fiction film 2001 A Space Odyssey. A similar space pillar was shown in the film.