Consumers Angry Over WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy

Consumers Angry Over WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy

Since the beginning of this week, WhatsApp has begun changing its privacy policy and has begun sending notifications within the app, changing the terms and conditions for using the application and the privacy policy.

WhatsApp's new rules and privacy policy will take effect on February 8, 2021 and users must accept them, otherwise, their accounts will be deleted.

The notification sent by the company stated that WhatsApp is updating its terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The notification includes key updates that will increase the company's authority over user data and allow businesses to store and manage WhatsApp chats using Facebook's services.

Facebook will be able to connect WhatsApp to its other services.

Users who have been using WhatsApp for years now have to agree to these terms and conditions by February 8, 2021, to continue using the application.

However, most of the users are angry over this change of WhatsApp and they are also expressing their anger on the social networking website Twitter.]

Twitter user Silvadorai wrote that WhatsApp's new privacy policy changes allow them to collect 'messaging, calling, status, groups (including group name, group description) payments or business features, profile photos,' about 'information and last scenes. 

On the other hand, Tesla founder Elon Musk said to use the signal app.

A user named Taha wrote to go against WhatsApp.

A user named Nayab wrote that these are my impressions regarding the new policy of WhatsApp.

A user named Ayesha wrote that I am the only person who agreed to the new policy of WhatsApp without reading? That I had to read the message.

A Twitter handle named ZA shared memes saying that people are worried about WhatsApp and I am watching them.

A user named Daman wrote that after changing the WhatsApp privacy policy, Mark Zuckerberg said that privacy is a deception in the digital world.

A Twitter handle named Prado shared a photo and wrote that now add WhatsApp to this list.

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