DHA Mafia Club Vehicle Caught

DHA Madia Club Vehicle Caught

DHA Mafia Club vehicle seized, security guards detained, weapons seized

In the posh area of Karachi, a vehicle of a certain color of law enforcement agencies has been seized, on which a fancy number plate of ‘DHA Mafia Club’ has also been affixed.

dha mafia club vehicle

The image of the vehicle went viral on social media, showing security guards armed with sophisticated weapons, and it became a challenging trend on social media to catch the occupants.

According to Clifton Police, the vehicle was seized during the check. The security guards in the vehicle were also taken into custody.

dha mafia club vehicle

According to police, the security guards did not have weapons licenses. Security guards were detained and their weapons confiscated after receiving no satisfactory response to the discovery.

Legal action has been taken against the vehicle on the fancy number plate.