Indian Farmers Wave the Khalistan Flag Over the Red Fort

 Indian Farmers Wave the Khalistan Flag Over the Red Fort

In India, protests against the agrarian laws that have been going on for weeks have intensified. Republic Day of India has intensified. 

A convoy of farmers has broken through all the barriers and entered the historic Red Fort.

 On the so-called Republic Day of India, farmers broke through barriers and entered the capital and started a tractor parade against the Indian Army.

According to Indian media, several people were injured and one farmer was killed in clashes with police.

According to Indian media, on the occasion of Republic Day, thousands of protesting farmers entered the capital Delhi on their tractors. The farmers started a tractor parade from the Delhi border while a convoy of farmers managed to reach Delhi's Red Fort Yes, the farmers have also hoisted the flag of their religious and Khalistan movement on the Red Fort.

According to Indian media, in response, the police used batons, tear gas and water cannons in an attempt to stop the farmers from entering Delhi.

Caravans from many states including Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and UP are still arriving in the capital.

According to Indian media, the government has set up barricades in various places, but the farmers are moving forward breaking all the barriers.

Farmers' protesters have refused to bow to the Modi government's new agricultural laws and farmers are demanding the repeal of agricultural laws.

On the other hand, Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has appealed to the farmers to maintain peace.

It should be noted that farmers are protesting against three controversial agricultural laws.

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