Shanira Challenges Female owners of Cannoli Restaurants

Always at the forefront of social work and raising her voice on social issues, Shanira Akram challenged the female owners of an Islamabad restaurant who mocked the manager's English.

According to details, Shanira, wife of Sultan Wasim Akram of Swing, shared a video clip of female owners of a restaurant in Islamabad on her Instagram story in which she was making fun of the manager's English.

Shane shared a video clip challenging the female owners of the restaurant.

Shanira Challenges Female owners of Cannoli Restaurants

Wasim Akram's wife said, "Just as you are bored, I am also bored with both of you women."

"I challenge both of you ladies to compete with me in speaking English," Shanira said.

It should be noted that in the viral video, the female owners had asked the manager to speak in English while taking the exam.

When the manager hesitated and could not speak fluently, the owners mocked him, saying, 'This is our manager who has been with us for nine years, and despite the training, he is the best Englishman he can speak. '

Social media users created memes for the owners and demanded an apology from the owners.

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