Trump's Letter to Joe Biden Trends on Twitter: What he Wrote in Letter?

 Trump's Letter to Joe Biden Trends on Twitter: What he Wrote in Letter?

Former US President Donald Trump broke an old tradition by not welcoming the newly elected president and his wife before leaving the White House, where he maintained an old American tradition of meeting new US President Joe Biden. The letter must have been written and left.

President-elect Joe Biden told the media that Donald Trump had written a letter to him before leaving the White House, maintaining the old American tradition.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday morning, Biden said that he would not say what Trump wrote for him in the letter at the moment, but the letter was written very generously.

Just as former US President Donald Trump has been ridiculed on social media for his incompetence and interesting moves during his tenure, memes are being made about him.

The microblogging site Twitter is flooded with memes about a letter written by Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

In which the memoirs are guessing what message Donald Trump may have written in his letter to Joe Biden.

Numerous memes shared on Twitter say that Donald Trump may have written to Ljubaidin, "You also know that I won the election," while some memes say that Donald expressed his displeasure with Biden. There will be a crying face in the letter.

It should be noted that 78-year-old US President Joe Biden has taken office as the 46th President of the United States.

On the other hand, former US President Donald Trump, who left the White House yesterday, was the 45th president of the country whose term came to an end.

According to US media, a note of thanks was written to the White House administration by the outgoing First Lady Melania Trump.

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