What is BrodSheet Case: Scandal or Something Strange

What is BrodSheet Case: Scandal or Something Strange

The government's reaction to the Brodsheet controversy seems strange, even scandalous.

An inter-ministerial committee meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on January 6, 2021, which was attended by officials from the Foreign Office, NAB, Ministry of Finance, Attorney General's Office and Ministry of Law.

It was decided at the meeting that legal notice should be sent to UBL UK for payment of "unauthorized amount" to Broadsheet without informing the Pakistan High Commission in London.

On September 14, 2020, The News published an exclusive report by its correspondent in London, Murtaza Ali Shah, in which it was revealed that the Pakistani government had instructed the UBL London office to pay برا 27 million to Broadsheet. Go.

Earlier, Broadsheet had knocked on the door of the High Court in London and obtained an order to freeze the bank accounts of the government of Pakistan in London.

Citing credible sources, Murtaza Ali Shah wrote, "Instructions have been issued recently to comply with the London High Court's order regarding third-party debt, under which instructions were given to the United National Bank last month." It was decided to freeze 27 27 million in the accounts of the state of Pakistan.

This news was neither denied nor confirmed. The source further said that the source said that the government has directed the bank in London to prepare the amount for payment as per the decision of the London High Court.

Murtaza Ali Shah wrote in the news that “In June 2020, NAB had sought Rs. 4.41 billion from the Finance Division to pay the arrears of Broadsheet.

This is at a time when Broadsheet has won an arbitration lawsuit against the NAB at the Chartered Institute of Arbitration in London. The lawsuit was settled out of court, with 215,089,460 paid in interest. The Chartered Institute also fined the Government of Pakistan through NAB, amounting to 56 56,037,130.

Thus, the total amount paid was دو 272.26 million. Given what happened in September last year and the official document, the decisions made during the inter-ministerial meeting on January 6, 2021, are very strange.

The document that emerged as a result of the meeting is titled "Secret" and is entitled "Inter-Ministerial Meeting to Review Progress in Broadsheet LLC v. NAB Case".

The document states that as a result of the London High Court's decision against Broadsheet's NAB and the subsequent unauthorized withdrawal of funds from the accounts of the Pakistan High Commission in UBL UK, the Foreign Office held a special meeting on January 6, 2021. An inter-ministerial committee chaired by the Secretary (Europe) met. Here are the highlights of the meeting.

The following decisions were taken at the 2nd meeting: 1) UBL sent legal notice to the UK for violating the trust by becoming a third party by unauthorized disbursement of money without informing its client ie Pakistan High Commission in London.

The Office of the Attorney General will provide legal assistance in this regard. 2) The NAB will send the remaining amount (approximately ً 0.235 million) to the Pakistan High Commission as soon as possible. 2) Bank accounts of the Pakistan High Commission will be transferred from UBL UK to another bank. The Ministry of Finance should give approval in this regard as soon as possible. 2) The Foreign Ministry will be notified of court proceedings, including detailed court decisions.

3. In view of the gravity of the matter, the concerned Ministries and Departments are requested to immediately implement the decisions taken at this meeting and exchange progress with this Ministry.

The document was signed by Director (Europe I) Muhammad Mubashir Khan and was attended by NAB DG Operations Zahir Shah, Head of International Dispute Unit at the Attorney General's Office, Ahmed Aslam, Law Ministry Consultant Khurram Shehzad and Provided to Deputy Secretary Finance Jan Bahadur.

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