Facebook is Developing an Audio Social App

Facebook is known as a company that steals the ideas of its competitors.

Now Facebook has begun work on developing a social audio app.

According to a report in the New York Times, Facebook is working on developing an application similar to the recently popular Invite Only audio app Club House.

Clubhouse was recently introduced for iOS devices.

The report said that Facebook's new product is still in the early stages of development, so it is not yet clear when it could be introduced.

The report comes as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently joined the clubhouse and talked about the future of augmented and virtual reality in a room.

Their presence in this app was shocking, but the development of such an app by Facebook is not surprising.

The company has already added key features of several apps, such as Snapchat stories and tick-tock rails, to Instagram.

Twitter is already working on an app space like Clubhouse, which is currently in beta.

Twitter also bought Breaker, a social podcasting company, to leverage its expertise in social audio.

On the other hand, Mark Cuban is also working on a live audio app Fireside.

This suggests that in the eyes of technology companies, audio will be an important means of communication between people in the future.

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