Google Chrome Easy Solution for Tab Management

Google Chrome Easy Solution for Tab Management

If you use Google Chrome for web browsing, you will find that tab management is often a burden for the device.

This means that the more tabs you open in Chrome, the more devices this browser will use.

People often have to open a lot of tabs for academic or office work and navigation becomes a challenge after certain teas.

Tabs get smaller and smaller and it’s hard to know which site is in which tab.

But the good news is that Google has added some new features to overcome Chrome’s tab management issue.

One of them is Chrome’s group tabs feature, for which a new group can be created by cooking at least 2 tabs.

Similarly, by creating several groups, websites of your choice can be added to them, each group can be given a name and a specific color.

But while this feature doesn’t seem to make navigation easier for everyone, Google has added another feature scrolling tabs to Chrome’s new Vision.

It may not be available to all users, but it can be tested by opening a tab and entering chrome: // flags, where you can disable the scrollable tab strap in the Chrome menu, after which the browser will restart. Will

After activating this feature you will be able to scroll tabs.

Note that version 88 of Google Chrome has also added a new password manager that will provide support for password security.

To use it, after updating the browser, click on the profile image in the right corner, then go to the option of the key icon below and then check the password option.

Doing so will bring up a new screen where Google will tell you which services’ passwords have been hacked in the past and which passwords are weak.

Google is not the first company to offer such a service, but Chrome is the most used browser in the world, so this is a very useful update in this regard.