Mahira Khan's Dance with Friends on Party Ho Rahi Hy

Ye Hamari Car HY, Ye Ham Hain, Aur Ye Hamari Pawrty Ho Rahi Hy. Mahira Khan Dance on viral video, Parody videos, and memes have been made for the past two weeks on a viral video Pawrty Ho Rahi Hy by Dannanerr.

"It's our car, it's us, and here's our 'power' (party) going on viral video, though parody videos and memes have been made for the past two weeks."

However, with each passing day, more than one celebrity appears on the viral video making parody videos.

While showbiz personalities like Saba Qamar, Ali Zafar, and Falak Shabbir made parody videos on the viral video of 'Power', now Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone, actor Shahid Kapoor, and villain Randeep Hooda have also made parody videos and memes on it.

Along with him, 'Superstar' actress Mahira Khan also made a parody video on 'Power is happening' and shared a video of her friends' dance, which went viral as soon as she saw it.

Shahid Kapoor made a video on the set of the film with the team members on 'Power is happening', in which he can be seen partying with all the team members of the film.

Deepika Padukone, on the other hand, celebrated the 'party' by sharing photos of her childhood.

Like him, Randeep Hooda also made a video and shared it with the children after the shooting of the film.

But most liked the video of Mahira Khan, who was seen dancing with her friends on 'Power is happening'.

On February 18, Mahira Khan shared a video made with her friends on 'Power is happening' on Instagram, which went viral as soon as she saw it.

In the video, Mahira Khan and her friends can be seen dancing in a unique way to 'Power is happening'.

Fans praised not only Mahira Khan but also her friends' dance and her video was shared a lot.

The 5-second video of 'Power is happening' was initially shared by Dananir, a girl from Peshawar, on her Instagram on February 6, which went viral as soon as she saw it, and many people made parody videos on it.

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