New Microsoft Edge is Ready to Replace the Old Edge Browser

Microsoft will roll out the old Edge browser to computers running the Windows 10 operating system from April 13.

The move is aimed at attracting users to the new Chromium-based Edge browser, which has been under construction for months.

Two decades ago, Microsoft's Internet Explorer took over the market by crushing its competitors' browsers, such as Netscape Navigator.

But new competitors such as Firefox and Google Chrome snatched the honor from Microsoft and replaced Edge with Internet Explorer without much success.

With that in mind, Microsoft moved the Edge to Google Chrome's open-source Chromium Foundation, while the older Edge browser was renamed Edge Legacy.

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Internet Explorer support was discontinued by Microsoft a long time ago, now it is the number of Edge Legacy.

Microsoft has announced that a new Edge browser will be installed on computers via a Windows security update.

This update will not only install the new Edge but also remove the Edge Legacy.

The new Edge browser is already the default browser in the new Windows 10 version.

Microsoft released the first test version of the new Edge to the public in April 2019, while the first stable version was released in January 2020.

The software is similar to Google Chrome, but with some different features, such as vertical tab arrangement and collections.

Edge features have also been improved, such as better search design than before.

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