Rebecca Landerth's Body was Found on the Highway

The body of Rebecca Landreth, a former female model from the US state of Virginia, was found on a highway in Pennsylvania. Bullet marks have been found on his head, neck, chest, and hands.

According to local media, 47-year-old Rebecca Landarth @rebeccaaa2015 was shot 18 times and died on February 7. The alleged killer has been traced from a slip found in his pocket and taken into custody.

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According to reports, the arrested suspect is a truck driver who is from Texas and is 28 years old. Police found bloodstains and bullet casings from the suspect's vehicle. Police have also found evidence of washing car seats and floors. 

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Rebecca Landerth's brother says that the whole family loved Rebecca dearly, she must get justice. @rebeccaaa2015   is her Pinterest Profile.

Former Virginia model Rebecca Landruth has been missing for several days. The body was first spotted by a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation employee, after which police were notified.

Rebecca was killed in the back of the truck, from which evidence has been obtained.

In his initial statement to police, accused Rollin said he did not know a woman named Rebecca, but the investigation revealed other evidence. No murder weapon was found with the body. 

No statement has yet been issued by the accused's family regarding the murder. Police have not yet been able to determine the motive for the killings.

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