Rubina Dalek Bigg Boss Season 14 Winner's

Rubina Dalek, the winner of season 14 of India's popular reality show Bigg Boss, has released a special video message for her Pakistani fans.

After winning the Bigg Boss Season 14 trophy, winner Rubina Dalek thanked her Indian fans and has now released a video message to her Pakistani fans.

"Extreme love to all my Pakistani fans," Rubina Dalek said in a video message.

The Indian actress said, "I am very happy to have received as much love from Pakistani fans."

It may be recalled that after watching Rubina Dalek's admirable performances in season 14 of Bigg Boss, she was well supported by millions of fans not only from India but also from Pakistan.

Rubina Dalek was the only Bigg Boss season 14 contestant to spend the most time at the Bigg Boss house.

It should be noted that along with Rubina Dalek, her husband Abhinav Shukla was also part of the house of Bigg Boss 14 but he was out of the game.

Five contestants reached the final of Bigg Boss 14 including Rubina Dalek, Rahul Vidya, Ali Gone, Nikki Tamboli, and Rakhi Sawant.

In the end, the contest was between Rubina Dalek and Rahul Vidya and then Bollywood actor and host of the show Salman Khan declared Rubina Dalek the winner of season 14 of Bigg Boss due to getting more votes.

It may be recalled that Rubina Dalek is also the most popular actress in the Indian drama industry. Besides, she won the title of Miss Shimla in 2006 and two years later in 2008 she won the title of Miss North India.

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