When will the drama ‘Turk Lala’ be released and who will be the hero?

When will the drama 'Turk Lala' be released and who will be the hero?

In November 2020, actor Adnan Siddiqui shared a video of Pakistani film producer Dr. Kashif Ansari and Turkish Takdan Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kamal Takdan, stating that the two countries’ producers were working on a joint venture. Agreed to do.

Later, in January 2021, Kamal Takdan visited Pakistan with the actors of the Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ in Urdu on Pakistan Television (PTV). He also met Prime Minister Imran Khan and the President.

Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed were instrumental in getting the Turkish delegation to meet the high-level delegation of the Government of Pakistan and during the meetings Prime Minister Imran Khan was informed that the two countries had reached an agreement on a joint agreement.

The Prime Minister also expressed happiness over the agreement on a joint venture between the two countries and assured them of government support.

However, it was not clear at the time whether there was an agreement between Pakistan and Turkey to produce a joint drama at the government level or at the private level. But now more details have come to light.

In this regard, Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed in an interview to Dawn Icon gave more details to Maliha Rehman about the agreement reached between the two countries.

Humayun Saeed said that an agreement has been reached between the two countries to produce a historical drama called ‘Turkish Lala’ on a private level between Turkish ‘Takdan Films’ and Pakistan’s ‘Ansari Films’.

According to Adnan Siddiqui, the owner of Ansari Films, Dr. Kashif Ansari is an overseas Pakistani who wanted to invest in the showbiz industry.

According to Humayun Saeed, they are both an important part of the deal, as they will be the executive producers of ‘Turk Lala’.

In response to a question from the government about the financial assistance, Humayun Saeed clarified that the government has also assured assistance but no financial assistance was received from the government immediately.

The actor further said that for better and timely fulfillment of the joint agreement between the two countries, he sought the assistance of the Government of Pakistan in issuing timely visas during the shooting and in allowing shooting at the required locations.

He hoped that the government would play its role in this regard and help in the timely completion of mega budgets and big projects like ‘Turk Lala’.

Humayun Saeed told Dawn Icon about ‘Turk Lala’ that work is underway to write the story and create the characters, but auditions for the cast of the play will begin soon.

In response to a question, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui said that they still do not know who will play the lead role of ‘Turk Lala’ in the play. However, they will both be part of the drama.

He said that the main character of the play will be decided after the completion of the script and the completion of the characters.

He did not say who is writing the story of ‘Turk Lala’ and whether the story of the play is being written jointly by the writers of the two countries.

At the same time, he did not confirm whether ‘Turk Lala’ would be made in Urdu or in Turkish or in both languages ​​at the same time.

However, Humayun Saeed expressed hope that the government of Pakistan would broadcast a drama like ‘Turk Lala’ on PTV like ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, as PTV would run all over the country without cable. Is.

Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui said that initially three seasons of ‘Turk Lala’ will be made and each season will include 30 episodes.

Humayun Saeed hopes that the first season of “Turkish Lala” will be released by 2023 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of democracy in Turkey.

According to both the actors, ‘Turk Lala’ can be shot in other countries including Pakistan and Turkey.

Who was ‘Turk Lala’?

Turk Lala was a militant from Peshawar, the capital of the subcontinent and the recent province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) in Pakistan.

The real name of ‘Turk Lala’ was Abdul Rehman Peshawari and his ancestors migrated from Kashmir to Peshawar in British India.

Abdul Rehman Peshawari, also known as Turk Lala, had gone to Aligarh Muslim University for higher studies before the outbreak of World War I, but during his studies, wars broke out between the then Ottoman Empire and European countries.

The wars between the Ottoman Empire and European countries are also known as the Balkan Wars and the Khilafah Movement, and at the very beginning of these wars, the Turk Lalas cut off their education and moved to Constantinople.

Turk Lala went there to support the Ottoman Empire and joined his army in an important position and he fought many battles like the Ottoman Empire.

Later, the Ottoman Empire sent Turk Lala as its ambassador to Afghanistan, and the Ottoman Empire disintegrated at the end of World War I.

Now, under an agreement between private production houses in Pakistan and Turkey, a drama will be made on the life of ‘Turk Lala’ and his war efforts and its first season is likely to be released by 2023.