Who is the Pawri Girl Famous from the 5 Second Video? #pawrihoraihai

Who is the Powery Girl Famous from the 5 Second Video?

In Pakistan, a 5-second video of a YouTuber and V-logger girl went viral on social media last week with a hash tag #pawrihoraihai.

Peshawar-Islamabad-based YouTuber and V-logger Dananeerr last week shared a 5-second video made during a tour of northern Pakistan that became very popular.

The video was highly praised by the young villager for speaking Urdu in English Accent. This video went viral and memes were made by showbiz personalities and YouTubers.

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Although parody and comedy videos have been made on Dananeerr's short video, most people do not know who is the girl who made the video speak Urdu in an English accent.

Hassan Ali also creates a meme from Powrigirl funny viral video on the celebration of the Pakistan cricket team Won T20 series against South Africa.

The girl is now being called a "powery girl" who is a YouTuber, Vlogger, and digital content creator.

Her real name is Dananeerr, which is a Pashtun name, but she has made it clear on her Instagram that it is difficult to get her real name correctly, so she can also be called 'Gina'.#pawrihoraihai

Gina, known as Dananeerr on Instagram and YouTube, suggests that she is Pashtun and her hometown is Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but she lives in Islamabad.#pawrihoraihai

He has mentioned both Peshawar and Islamabad in his Instagram biography.

She has more than 33,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she has been sharing videos and blogs about the tourist destination, but she has also shared some videos on make-up and beauty tips.

He has only 8 videos on YouTube and the first video was uploaded a year ago.

She has also been active on Instagram for the past two years, but her Instagram suggests that she also produces sponsored content.

Most of the videos shared on Instagram by Gina aka Dananeerr are of English songs, however, she is also seen performing songs in Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, and Punjabi.

Most of the photos shared on Instagram by Dananeer, also known as Gina, are part of the promotion of clothing brands, beauty, and make-up, but she has also shared videos and photos taken at tourist destinations.

Dananeer Al-Umarov has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram, but his popularity on social media was shared in English on February 6: "This is our car, this is us and this is our power (party)." 'S video.

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