Zoya Nasir Got Engaged to a German YouTuber who Converted to Islam

Earlier this month, German-born YouTuber Christine Betzmann, also known as Chris Betzmann, who converted to Islam, got engaged to longtime friend Zoya Nasir.

Christine Betzmann, better known as Chris Betzmann, and Zoya Nasser have been in a relationship for some time, but they have been seen very closely for the past year.

The two have been sharing videos and photos made together for the past year, while the two have also been calling each other best friends.

After living in Pakistan for more than a year and converting to Islam earlier this month, Christine Betzmann, better known as Christine Betzmann, had already said that she would marry Zoya Nasir.

Only after Chris Betzmann converted to Islam did his fans ask him how long he would marry Zoya Nasir.

Although Chris Betzmann and Zoya Nasir did not answer any questions from fans at the time, they have now confirmed that they are engaged.

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Chris Betzmann and Zoya Nasir confirmed on February 19 via Instagram posts and YouTube videos that the two were engaged.

Zoya Nasir shared photos of Chris Betzmann wearing a ring and said that when Chris offered to be his life partner, he could not live without saying yes.

The actress also thanked Chris Betzmann for his love and support.

Chris Betzmann also shared photos of the engagement on Instagram, but he also dated February 6 in the caption, which shows that the two were engaged two weeks ago.

The two later shared videos of their engagement on their YouTube channels, in which they told each other about choosing a life partner.

The video states that the two were engaged in the Bahamas, a peninsula, but did not give a date for the engagement.

After the engagement, Zoya Nasir also shared the good news with her family and close friends through a video call and a video of her sharing the good news was also released on YouTube.

Zoya Nasir's mother, sister, and brother were seen emotionally involved in their engagement and thanked the actress for choosing a life partner.

Following Chris Betzmann's engagement post on February 6, rumors surfaced that he had converted to Islam just a day before the engagement.

Chris Bateman shared posts and videos of his conversion to Islam on February 5, while his engagement post on February 19 listed the date of the engagement as February 6.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, it is expected that the couple will tie the knot by the end of this year.

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