A Group of Birds Collided and the Delta Air Lines, Plan Narrowly Escaped the Crash

 A Group of Birds Collided and the Delta Air Lines, Plan Narrowly Escaped the Crash

In the United States, a Delta Air Lines passenger plane narrowly escaped a horrific crash shortly after takeoff, while an engine was severely damaged and the plane was taken off immediately.

According to aviation sources, the incident took place in Salt Lake City, the capital and most populous city of the US state of Utah.

According to sources, Delta Airlines Flight DL8944 had just taken off from Salt Lake City to Memphis, USA at 1:16 pm local time. Within a few minutes, the pilot contacted the control tower. 

The engine on the left side of the plane pointed out a serious malfunction on which the pilot was instructed to take off the plane immediately, so the plane was able to land safely at the same airport 30 minutes after takeoff.

According to the experts, severe friction was visible inside the left engine of the plane while the body of the engine was stiff for several feet.

There was blood on the body of the plane and the remains of the birds had penetrated inside the engine and on this basis, it can be seen in the pictures released by the aviation that the engine of the plane was severely damaged due to the collision of the birds.

According to aviation sources, the plane was at an altitude of 7800 feet at a speed of 230 km per hour at the time of the accident.

According to the aviation report, the crashed plane is a Boeing 757-200 powered by PW2037 engines, one of the charter 757s attached to the Delta Airline fleet.

The plane was grounded after the crash while the passengers were sent to their destination in another plane with a delay of 5 hours.