Akshay and Katrina"s Movie Surya Vanshi Still Awaiting for the Release for Over a Year

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, who starred in the Bollywood action Movie/film 'Surya Vanshi', have been waiting for the release of the film for the past year.

The film, directed by Rohit Shetty, is the third movie/film based on his role as a police officer. After a long wait, the filmmakers announced a few days ago that the film would finally hit theaters on April 30.

According to media reports, in view of the rising cases of coronavirus in the state of Maharashtra, the largest market for Hindi films, the release of the film seems to be further delayed and the film is unlikely to hit theaters on April 30.

Night shows are currently closed in many cities, including Mumbai, due to the curfew, and the release of this big-budget film in such an uncertain environment would be a big risk. The release is unlikely.

On the other hand, according to industry insiders, filmmakers have some other options in mind, to release the film directly on OTT or on the theater and OTT, or two weeks after the theater on OTT.

However, Rohit Shetty will never be in favor of a release on OTT, so it seems that the release of the film will remain uncertain.

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