Hasina Moin Has Died: She Was the Famous Drama Writer and Novelist

Last Updated on 23/01/2022

Hasina Moin Has Died: She Was the Famous Drama Writer and Novelist

Leading playwright, author, and dialogue writer Hasina Moin has died of a heart attack at the age of 79.

Funeral prayers of Hasina Moin will be offered today after Asr prayers at Madani Masjid North Nazimabad Block I.

 Saeed, the nephew of playwright Hasina Moin, says that Hasina Moin was getting ready to go to Lahore when she suddenly had a heart attack.

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Hasina Moin was born on November 20, 1941, in Kanpur, India. She received her early education in Kanpur.

Hasina Moin, who was named the most popular playwright on PTV, did her Masters in History from Karachi University in 1963.

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Hasina Moin wrote many memorable dramas for PTV including Shahzori, Zir Zabar Pesh, Uncle Arfi, In Kahi, Tanhaiyan, Dhoop Kanare, Dhand, Ahat, Kahar, Padusi, Anso, Bandash, Aina.

The first Pakistani film written by Hasina Moin was ‘From here to there, in which Waheed Murad played the lead role.

After that, the film written for Usman Pirzada was ‘Nazdikian’ and the film written for Javed Sheikh was ‘Kahin Pyaar Na Hojaye’. The stories of all these films were interesting and full of creativity in their own right.

Hasina Moin wrote dialogues for her film ‘Hina’ at the request of renowned Indian actor and producer ‘Raj Kapoor’ in which Zeba Bakhtiar also showed the essence of acting.

Hasina Moin visited many countries and won many awards. In 1987, she was awarded the Medal of Merit for her performance in the performing arts.

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