Korean Pop Band BTS Calls for End to Racial Discrimination

 Korean Pop Band BTS Calls for End to Racial Discrimination

South Korea’s popular pop band BTS has spoken out against racism, calling for a halt to the growing hatred of Asians in the United States, and has launched a social media movement called ‘Stop Asian Hat’. 

BTS Stars shared a lengthy note in English and Korean on BTS ‘official Twitter account in which the band condemned the racially motivated incidents and wrote, “Those who have lost loved ones. We offer our condolences to them.

Referring to his experience, BTS wrote: “We feel this grief and anger, we remember the moment when we were discriminated against as Asians.”

“We endured imprisonment for no reason and we were ridiculed for our appearance, we were even asked why Asians speak English,” he wrote.

BTS members added, “We cannot put into words the pain and the racially motivated violence.”

Comparing his experiences with recent events, he wrote: “Our own experiences are nothing compared to the events of the past few weeks, but these experiences have left us feeling helpless and our self-esteem. That was enough to make him feel good.

The BTS band also wrote, “As Asians, we cannot separate our identity from what is happening now.”

The band members concluded by saying, “We stand against this racial discrimination. We strongly condemn racially motivated violence.”

“You, me, and all of us have a right to be respected, we will all stand together,” he added.