The Nowruz Festival has Started all Over the World, Google Doodle is Also Celebrating

Last Updated on 23/01/2022

The Nowruz Festival has Started all Over the World, Google Doodle is Also Celebrating

The nine-day celebration of The Nowruz FestivalJashn-e-Nowruz ) begins with the beginning of the Persian calendar, and some even attribute it to the beginning of spring.

In Iran, Nowruz Festival ( Jashn-e-Nowruz) is celebrated as Eid al-Fitr and the beginning of spring when the earth’s orbit around the sun is completed and is considered Eid.

Nowadays, the festival known as  Nowruz Festival ( Jashn-e-Nowruz)  has its origins in ancient Iranian religion, but some people celebrate it as Mili in early spring and do not consider it a religious holiday.

What is Nowruz Festival and Why it Called Nowruz?

Nowruz Festival ( Jashn-e-Nowruz) also known as the Nine days festival is derived from 2 Persian words nine and day, which means new day. That is the new day of the year. This festival marks the first day of spring. According to tradition, the celebrations of this day start in March.

The creators of the nine-day celebration say that they celebrate this day as a holy day and also keep the day. While special worships are also arranged.

Nowruz Festival United Nations

On the other hand, March 21, 2010, is also celebrated by the United Nations General Assembly as International Ninth Day. The nine-day event is widely held in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and China.

Nowruz Festival Public holiday in Iran

Nowruz Festival is officially celebrated in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has a 13-day holiday. Government offices are closed for five days and people walk and have fun for two weeks.

Nowruz Festival Food tradition

There is also a tradition of seven table meals in this celebration, which are compared to different things. The table is decorated with seven dishes whose names begin with the letter ‘s’.

This table is usually covered with a hand-knitted cloth called ‘tarmaha’. Above it is a book of prayers called ‘Kalam-e-Allah’ and a mirror is also placed as a symbol of life. In addition to these items, candles, a painted egg named after each member of the family, traditional sweets, and bread are also decorated as a sign of prosperity in the coming year.

The Nine 9 day festival named Nowruz Festival ( Jashn-e-Nowruzwas banned during the Afghan Taliban era as anti-Islamic but has been lifted since the fall of the Taliban regime.