WhatsApp Beta Web | Make WhatsApp Calls Without Mobile Internet

WhatsApp Web-version | Make WhatsApp Calls Without Mobile Internet


SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp, Facebook’s proprietary mobile messaging app, introduced audio-video calling for users using the desktop version three days ago.

A statement from WhatsApp said that users can now use video and audio calling along with chat on the big screen. The company had assured the customers that the calls made from the computer would also be made under end-to-end encrypted ie it would be absolutely secure.

After the introduction of the feature by WhatsApp, users started asking how they would be able to make computer calls when their mobiles do not have internet access.

According to a report by WA Beta Info, “Even if the Internet stops working on the user’s mobile during the call, the call will not be disconnected from the computer but will continue as usual.”

WhatsApp Desktop won’t interrupt your current call if your phone is not connected to the Internet anymore, during the call. đź’Ż

When multi device will be available in a future update, you can also start calls and send messages without an active Internet connection on your phone.

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) March 6, 2021

How to make WhatsApp calls from a desktop?

This requires an updated version of Windows 10 and WhatsApp.

How to make WhatsApp calls from desktop?

 If someone is using a laptop, they do not need headphones, the laptop must have a mic and speaker. Users on a regular computer will need mic headphones. If a user wants to make a video call, he or she must install a separate camera in a normal computer, just as a laptop must have a built-in camera for video calling.