Actress Fatima Sana Sheikh Fainted with the Punch of Unknown Boy

Actress Fatima Sana Sheikh Fainted with the Punch of Unknown Boy

Mumbai: Actress Fatima Sana Sheikh was slapped by an obese youth in response to a slap with a punch.

Actress Fatima Sana Sheikh, who made her mark in Bollywood with the film Dingal, has so far shown the essence of acting in the films ‘Thugs of India’, ‘Suraj Par Mangal Bhari’ and ‘Ludo’, while this year her film ‘Bhoot Police’

There will be a release in which he will play the role of Saif Ali Khan and Ali Fazal.

In an interview, the actress revealed that once she was returning from the gym, an obscene young man started chasing her, but when she noticed that he stopped, he started staring at her, to which the actress asked why he was staring. 

The boy replied, “I will keep staring and then he touched me on the face and I slapped him.”

Fatima Sana Sheikh further said that the obese youth slapped me in response to the slap on which I immediately called my father who was following me. 

He immediately chased the boy and while walking he said who There was a man who touched my daughter, but when he approached my father, the boy ran into the street.

Talking about her film career, the actress said, “Bollywood has a casting couch culture and I have had to go through it. 

There was a time in my career when I was told that if I wanted a film, I had to have sex. “Several times my projects have been given to other actresses.”