Big Uprising in Football, Plan of Big Clubs for European Super League Exposed

Big Uprising in Football,  Plan of Big Clubs for European Super League Exposed

The major international clubs in world football have revolted against FIFA and European football organizations and federations and announced the introduction of the European Super League on the heels of the UEFA Champions League, which has created a new crisis in world football.

Europe’s 12 biggest football clubs have founded the European Super League, which has been revealed, and none of them will be relegated.

The league has been introduced on the eve of the European Champions League, which has created a major crisis in world football. Photo courtesy of Twitter

The league will have a total of 20 teams, including these 12 teams, and five of the remaining eight teams will qualify for the competition.

Six of the 12 clubs are from England, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham.

In addition, Spain’s Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid are included, while Italy’s AC Milan, Juventus, and Inter Milan are also included in the project.

Famous German clubs are also expected to be part of it soon, leading to fears of a large-scale crisis.

All of the league’s matches will be played in the middle of the day instead of the weekend, which will be in direct competition with the Champions League, and the project aims to give the most competitive clubs the opportunity to play as many matches as possible.

These 12 founding members of the league will be part of the permanent European Super League and their clubs will never decline.

The most interesting thing is that all these clubs will continue to play the league in their country, which is expected to be popular at the local level.

There will be no relegation of 15 teams in this league and this is the biggest criticism being leveled against this league as experts believe that it will be an excess of the remaining five clubs and the element of competition will disappear.

For example, Arsenal’s team has been unable to play effectively for the last four or five years and that is why they have not qualified for the Champions League since 2016-17, but in their league, regardless of their performance in the European Super League Space is assured and they will not be degraded or expelled.

All of the club’s founding clubs have hailed the move as crucial to the game’s survival, including Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Florentino said it would save football because of the poor quality of the matches, youngsters are no longer interested in the game.

All founding members have been promised an equal share of the 3.5 billion total, funded by JPMorgan Bank.

The main reason for being a part of this league seems to be money and this huge amount of money will help these clubs a lot financially as all these clubs are currently burdened with severe debt and the situation is due to the coronavirus epidemic. It’s even worse.

Critics say the game will lose its value simply by eliminating the element of competition to secure its place.

So far it has been suggested that the league will start in August every year and the 20 teams will be divided into two groups of 10, 10 teams, the best three teams from each group will make it to the quarter-finals while the remaining two Teams will have to secure their place after more matches.

Following the announcement, major international sports organizations, including FIFA and UEFA, have called on European countries to ban all clubs that have planned the league.

UEFA President Alexander Saffron has called for a ban on all clubs, hinting that this could happen in the Champions League or Europa League this year.

UEFA, along with the English, Spanish, and Italian football leagues and federations, said in a statement that it was considering imposing a ban on all clubs participating in the league and all possible sanctions, including legal action.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino also rejected the new league’s plan outright, saying the 12 clubs would face “serious consequences”.

“You will lose a lot for a small gain, so you have to decide whether you are part of this league or not,” he told the club.

Infantino announced a ban on the league’s teams as well as players involved in the controversial project.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has also completely opposed the plan, saying that it is against the basic principle of the game ‘competition’.

He called the proposed scheme a mafia and said he could legislate if necessary to stop the move, as it was not in the best interests of fans and football.

“How can you create such a situation in the form of a mafia in which the atmosphere of competition and rivalry between the clubs disappears because you have already set your own rules which are full of competition,” he said. Negate

Coaches and players have differing views on the project, and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has not commented.

“If your victory is assured and your victory or defeat doesn’t matter, then it’s not sports at all. I’ve said many times that I want a successful Premier League instead. Only one team topped the list.

He said that if the connection between effort and reward is lost, then the game is no more.

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers is also among the critics, saying the plan suggests the business is taking precedence over sports.

“We must not ignore the fact that sports and sports have a direct relationship with the fans and the players and they should be given priority in any decision,” he said.

He said that the reason for the success of leagues around the world is the competition where even a low-level team can one day beat the front-line team by presenting the best game so to end this competitive atmosphere is to end the game. Is equivalent to