Bigg Boss constant & Actress Chatra Kotor attempts suicide

 Bigg Boss constant & Actress Chatra Kotor attempts suicide

Chitra Kotor, an actress from South India and a participant in the Bigg Boss Canadian language competition, tried to commit suicide by drinking phenol at her home in Kolar.

The actress was rushed to a local hospital, where she is said to be in stable condition.

It is learned that he took this extreme step due to problems arising in connection with marriage.

Just a few days ago, Chatra Kotor announced her marriage to Nagarjuna, a businessman from Mandia, to start a new chapter in her life.

Meanwhile, pictures of their wedding and other rituals went viral.

It may be recalled that the marriage ceremony of the two took place in a temple in the presence of Chitra’s family.

However, police sources said that the quarrel started at the beginning of the marriage and Nagarjuna’s family had refused to accept the marriage and relationship.