Dananeer New Singing video Video Goes Viral

Dina Nair New Singing video Video Goes Viral

‘Power Girl’ Dananir Mobin has shared a video of her singing on social media which has become popular as soon as she sees it.

Internet sensation Dananir Mobin keeps uploading her new photos and videos on her social media account Instagram which is well-liked by internet users.

Last night, Dina Nayyar Mubeen uploaded another video on Instagram in which she is singing in a very low and beautiful voice.

A guitar can also be seen in Dana Nayar Mobin’s hand on which she is playing the melody in the best way.

Dina Nayyar Mubeen writes in the caption of her post that ‘she was missing the wrong lyrics and playing the wrong instrument, she has learned to play this instrument in a few hours and is trying to sing well, someone Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dina Nayyar Mubeen’s video is also being praised by celebrities of the Pakistan showbiz industry, all of whom say that “Dana Nayyar’s song and voice are both as beautiful as hers.”