Dubai Balcony Video Goes Viral: Dozens of Girls Arrested for Posing Illegal Photoshoot in Dubai’s famous Marina Area.

Dubai Balcony Video Goes Viral: Dozens of Girls Arrested for Posing Illegal Photoshoot
Dubai Balcony Video Gone Viral

Quora News: Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) state of Dubai has arrested about 3 dozen people, including several women, after an inappropriate video went viral on the internet.

According to the Associated Press (AP), an inappropriate video of the UAE went viral on social media on April 3, after which the police took action.

It was not immediately clear why or for what purpose the video went viral, but the video suggests it was shot secretly.

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The viral video shows a dozen women naked on the balcony of a high-rise building in Dubai’s famous Marina area, apparently posing for a photoshoot. Someone from another building captured the Dubai photoshoot video on his mobile and its went viral. Here’s the Dubai balcony full video below…

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What is in Dubai illegal photoshoot or Dubai viral photoshoot?

All of the women in the video are black, said to be from the European country of Ukraine, but according to some reports, some of them are also from Russia in Dubai balcony viral video.

Watching the short video suggests that it was shot by someone else and shared on the internet, which went viral as soon as it was seen.

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After the video went viral, Dubai police took action against Dubai viral video and arrested about 40 people, and launched legal action against them.

Dubai balcony photoshoot Details

The Ukrainian service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that the arrested women and other people involved in the dubai balcony photoshoot have been met by the staff of the Ukrainian embassy in the UAE and more information about the arrested people has been obtained.

The report said none of the women arrested were Russian nationals, but some of the 40 people involved in the incident may have been from Russia.

According to UAE media reports after the video went viral, the Dubai balcony photoshoot video of the naked women was a promotional event.

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However, the report did not say what kind of promotional event the women were held in the Dubai balcony video.

In this regard, Arab News quoted a statement issued by the Dubai Police as saying that legal action has been initiated against the arrested persons by filing a case under criminal charges.

What happens to Dubai balcony girls posing for an illegal Dubai balcony photoshoot?

The arrests violated UAE law, which carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a fine of up to 5,000 Dollars or both, the statement said.

At the same time, the police appealed to other citizens to refrain from spreading the video or other similar material, as it is a crime to spread pornography under UAE law.

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According to Article 378 of the UAE penal code, taking video without consent or permission in Dubai is also illegal, so you should care about shooting another’s video without their permission. 

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It is believed that in other UAE states, including Dubai, tourists are allowed to drink alcohol, have concerts and dance parties, but no inappropriate action can be taken in public places and violators face legal action.

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