Facebook Wins Oscar For The First Time

Facebook Wins Oscar For The First Time

What comes to mind when you hear the name Facebook?

Of course photos, videos, reactions, posts, and countless more.

But do you ever think that Facebook can win the biggest Oscar award in the world of film?

So know that Facebook has won its first Oscar award.

Yes, at the 93rd Academy Awards, a short documentary produced by Facebook-owned Oculus Reality Headsets and EA’s Response Entertainment Game Studio won the Oscar for Documentary Short.

This is the first time a game industry project has won an Oscar.

The 25-minute film “Quality” revolves around Catherine, a former member of the French Resistance, Marine Catherine, who travels to Germany for the first time in 74 years.

Facebook Wins Oscar For The First Time

The film was made for the World War II VR video game Medal of Honor.

Quality beat 4 other films in this category.

The short film was written and directed by Anthony Giacchino. Interestingly, the 92nd birthday of the main character in the film was also on April 25.

Qualified Marine Catherine was trained by a student to return to her past, who persuaded her to go to the camp where the Nazis killed her brother.

In a tweet after receiving the Oscar, the filmmaker thanked everyone.

Similarly, in a blog, the production team said that the real hero of this success is the quality who shared their story. In the film, we saw that resistance requires courage, but for someone, it hurts. Going back to the past is even more difficult.