Firing on Former PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam in Islamabad #AbsarAlam

Firing on Former PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam in Islamabad
Firing on Former PEMRA Chairman Absar Alam in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Senior journalist and former chairman of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Absar Alam was injured in the assassination attempt but his condition is out of danger.

According to police sources, Absar Alam was walking in F-11 Park in Islamabad when an unidentified man opened fire on him.

The well-known journalist was taken to hospital, shot in the abdomen and is now out of danger.

“I thought an unknown person was coming towards me and he later fired at me and fled,” Absar Alam said.

“I was walking when I was shot in the ribs,” he said in a video message.

“I want to send a message to those who have attacked me that I will not give up and I am not afraid of these things,” he said.

News of the attack on Absar Alam spread like wildfire and is currently a top trend on social media.

Later, Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed took notice of the assassination attempt on senior journalist Absar Alam and ordered an immediate investigation.

He said in his Twitter message that the IG had ordered the Islamabad police to investigate and arrest the person involved in the firing as soon as possible.

He said that those who fired on Absar Alam would not be able to escape the law and would soon be caught by the law.

Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry condemned the attack on the social networking site Twitter and said that he had asked the police to immediately investigate the assassination attempt on Absar Alam.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz also strongly condemned the attack and prayed for Absar Alam’s recovery, saying that silencing the voices of the opposition is cancer that has gripped the country for many years, Absar said. The world is the latest victim of this heinous crime.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also condemned the firing on senior journalist Absar Alam and said that the attacker on journalist Absar Alam should be arrested and the attack should be investigated.

Hamid Mir, a well-known journalist who has been the victim of assassination attempts in the past, said the attack was not only reprehensible but a clear message to dissenters.

Absar alam shot while he was walking outside his house..he is in hospital and thankfully out of danger. Condemn this attack on absar alam.

Senior journalist Talat Hussain said that the condition of Absar Alam is out of danger but the wound is deep, there is less to condemn this conspiracy and terrorism.

Absar Alam is considered one of the biggest critics of the government and its policies, and the Dawn newspaper reported that the senior journalist had also criticized the establishment for interfering in politics in recent tweets.

The FIA ​​had issued the summons after a lawyer lodged a complaint against Absar Alam alleging anti-state statements, which was challenged by a senior journalist in the Islamabad High Court.

Earlier last year, Punjab police had registered a case of ‘serious treason’ against Absar Alam at the request of Chaudhry Naveed Ahmed, regional president of the Justice Lawyers Forum.