How did Prince Philip, Son of a Danish Grandfather and a Greek Father, Become British?

How did Prince Philip, Son of a Danish Grandfather and a Greek Father, Become British?

Prince Phillips married Elizabeth II five years before becoming queen after the end of World War II.

Prince Phillips, the 99-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away on April 9, 2021, a year before his 100th birthday.

Prince Phillips is known around the world as a husband who appeared in front of, behind, right, and left of his wife for 70 years.

Prince Phillips married the Queen of Great Britain in 1947 when she was not yet Queen.

At the time, Prince Phillips was serving in the British Royal Navy and impressed by her bravery, truthfulness, and beauty, the Queen’s parents gave her their daughter’s hand.

How did Prince Philip,

What most people in the world do not know is that Prince Philip, the most important heir to the British royal family, was not actually a British by birth.

According to his autobiographical article published in the British broadcaster Sky News, Prince Phillips was born in the Greek royal city of Curfew Island, in the European country, shortly after the end of World War I in 1920.

This was a time when war was raging all over Europe and European countries were busy making agreements to support each other in the event of an enemy attack.

When Prince Philip was one and a half years old, the then Greek monarchy was overthrown and the royal family escaped with great difficulty to France.

The young Prince Philip was enrolled in a Parisian school for elementary education, and at an early age before the outbreak of World War II he moved from Britain to France and joined the Royal Navy, and later became a member of the British Royal Family. But interestingly, they were not British by birth.

Born into a Greek royal family, Prince Philip’s grandfather was a member of the royal family in the European country of Denmark, and Prince Philip’s family had close ties to royal families in other European countries, as many The royal families of European countries used to have marriages and relationships with each other.

Prince Philip, the grandfather of the Danish royal family and the son of a Greek prince, fell in love with Elizabeth II at an early age in the British Royal Navy.

How did Prince Philip,

According to an article in Hello Magazine, when Prince Phillips was a young man serving in the Royal Navy, he first saw his wife, Elizabeth, who was then 13 years old.

The two fell in love after seeing each other. At the time, Prince Phillips, being in the Navy, had to travel outside of England for services, and during World War II, he traveled to various countries from the British Alliance Perform combat services as well.

According to an article in The Guardian about the life of Prince Phillips, his wife became the queen five years after his marriage to the British, after which Prince Philip’s life changed.

In a way, Prince Phillips became the son-in-law of the British royal family and then within a century he became the owner of the royal palace and now his sons and grandsons will carry on the royal family.

How did Prince Philip,

Prince Philip had four children, and within a year of their marriage, they had their first son, Prince Charles, who is now 72 years old and has not yet become king.

As the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillips was highly regarded in the royal family and was one of the honorary heads of 800 charities until the last days of his life.

Prince Phillips and the Queen of Britain had four children, the eldest Prince Charles, the second daughter Prince Anne, the third son Prince Andrew and the youngest Prince Edward, 57.

Prince Philip’s marriage to the Queen lasted until his death, but surprisingly the first marriages of three of his four children failed, but his youngest son, Prince Edward, still has one marriage.

How did Prince Philip,

Prince Phillips’ eldest son, Prince Charles, had his first marriage to Lady Diana, which ended in divorce, while his second son, Prince Andrew, had a first marriage, and his daughter, Prince Anne, had a first marriage.

Although Prince Phillips did not become king himself, his 72-year-old son is now the crown prince and will succeed his 94-year-old mother, the Queen.

Prior to the death of Prince Phillips, the Queen’s mother died at the age of 101 in the royal family in 2002, while the Queen’s sister died just a few weeks later that year.

Prince Philip Old Pics

The Queen’s sister and mother were preceded in death by Prince Diane, who was separated from the royal family in 1997 after being killed in a traffic accident.

Although Prince Phillips was apparently healthy, after the age of 95, he was diagnosed with some health complications and was admitted to the hospital from time to time.

Prince Phillips was treated at two different hospitals in London for about a month in February this year due to a health problem.

Prince Phillips died on April 9 at the age of 99, two weeks after being discharged from hospitals in mid-March, apparently due to various medical reasons.