India: Muslim Boy Becomes Oxygen Man

India: Muslim Boy Becomes Oxygen Man

In India, a young Muslim named Shahnawaz Sheikh became an ‘oxygen man’ for providing free oxygen to patients during a dangerous coronavirus situation.

According to Indian media reports, Shahnawaz Sheikh, a young man from Mumbai, sold his expensive car last year to provide free oxygen to patients, which sold for about Rs 4.5 million.

Shahnawaz Sheikh initially bought only 60 cylinders of oxygen, which led him to provide free oxygen to Indian patients.

According to Indian media, Shahnawaz Sheikh currently has 200 oxygen cylinders through which he is providing free oxygen to coronavirus patients.

Seeing the services of Shahnawaz Sheikh, the citizens of Mumbai have started calling him ‘Oxygen Man’. Last year, a Muslim youth saved the lives of more than 4000 patients by providing oxygen.

Shahnawaz Sheikh told Indian media that his friend’s sister, who was infected with the coronavirus, had died due to lack of oxygen.