Indian Muslim Boy Converted His Rickshaw to Ambulance Service

Indian Muslim Boy Converted His Rickshaw to Ambulance Service

A Muslim rickshaw driver from neighboring India, which is suffering from the worst case of coronavirus, has converted his rickshaw into an ambulance and started providing free service to patients.

According to Indian media reports, Javed Khan, 34, from Bhopal, said in an interview that he was scared of the rising death toll from the coronavirus in India and that is why he decided to do something with the meager resources he had.

“I have installed sanitizers, some medicines, and oxygen cylinders in my rickshaw ambulance and have helped 10 patients who were in dire need of reaching the hospital in the last three days,” said Javed Khan.

“For this work, his wife sold her gold pendant so that we could help patients for free,” he said.

Javed Khan said, “I have now stopped putting passengers in my rickshaw and have appealed to other rickshaw drivers to join this work.”

“The first priority for me is our people. I would not hesitate to take out a loan to save their lives,” he said.

Javed Khan added, “It has become very difficult to get oxygen cylinders in India at the moment and I fill the cylinders after waiting for about 4 to 5 hours.”

It should be noted that with each passing day in India, the mortality of coronavirus began to increase, in one day 380,000 patients came forward, 3600 died.

Lack of ambulances in different states forced people to carry bodies on their shoulders to the crematorium.