Israeli Bombing On Ghaza with Warplanes

Israeli Bombing On Ghaza with Warplanes

Israel has launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip after the rocket attack.

No casualties were reported in the Israeli airstrikes, according to the foreign news agency AP.

Prior to the airstrikes, Israel claimed that Hamas had fired rockets from Gaza.

He said warplanes had bombed five locations in Gaza in response to Hamas rocket attacks.

According to Israel, Hamas has carried out two attacks in the last 24 hours from the southern part of Palestine.

On the other hand, according to the foreign news agency, there are no reports of any casualties in the Israeli airstrikes.

However, Israeli warplanes have targeted other factories, including a training camp run by Hamas.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasim said Israeli airstrikes “cannot break” Gaza.

The Israeli military says a projectile fired from the Gaza Strip fell south on Thursday evening.

It should be noted that in January 2015, the International Criminal Court (ICC) approved Palestine’s membership, after which Palestine can file war crimes cases against Israel in the International Court of Justice.

Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s decision was strongly opposed by the United States and Israel, both of which argued that Palestine was not an independent state and therefore did not fall under the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice.

In this regard, it should be noted that the Chief Prosecutor of the International Court of Justice, Fatou Bensouda, announced that she was initially gathering evidence through an investigation to prove that Israel had committed war crimes in Palestine since June 2014. A large-scale investigation could be launched.