Myanmar Arrests Leading Actor in Support of Anti-Military Protests

Last Updated on 23/01/2022

Myanmar Arrests Leading Actor in Support of Anti-Military Protests

Myanmar’s military cracks down on pro-democracy protesters, leading to the arrest of a prominent actor who supported protests against the military coup.

Foreign media reports say arrest warrants have been issued for 120 people, including several artists.

The doors of the Myanmar embassy are closed on the Myanmar ambassador in London. The Myanmar ambassador in London says that when I left the embassy, the defense attach entered the embassy in support of them. The defense attaches ،s, their supporters did not allow me to enter the embassy.

He said the defense attache had taken control of the embassy, ​​adding that he had received orders from Yangon.

According to the Myanmar ambassador, the defense attach has appointed the deputy ambassador as the charge d’affaires and at the same time demanded the intervention of the United Kingdom.

The British Foreign Office said it was receiving information about the incident at the Myanmar embassy.

It may be recalled that Myanmar’s ambassador to London had demanded the release of Aung San Suu Kyi. Since February 1, 598 protesters have been killed and 2,900 arrested in Myanmar.

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