One Dollar Coin Sold for 84000 Dollars

Last Updated on 23/01/2022

One Dollar Coin Sold for 84000 Dollars

Every day we hear some strange thing, shocking news from the United States surprised everyone, where a dollar coin was auctioned a few days ago for 840,000 dollars.

According to foreign media, this one dollar coin auctioned at the famous ‘Heritage Auctions’ in Texas is unique because it is the first prototype of the first dollar to be minted at the Philadelphia Government Mint in 1794. Prior to this prototype coin, the US currency was not regularly minted. 

This is what makes the coin special. The coin was previously owned by Texas Rangers owner and billionaire American businessman Bob Simpson, who himself is keen on collecting rare coins.

Heritage Auctions spokesman Eric Bradley said the coin auction began at 312,000. He hoped it would sell for a maximum of 500,000. But surprisingly, in the next few minutes, the bid went up so much that it was auctioned for 840,000 dollars.