People continue to pay tribute to Prince Philip

 People continue to pay tribute to Prince Philip at Windsor

The Queen continues to pay tribute to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh’s husband.

According to the British media, cannon salutes will be offered in different cities of Britain and Gibraltar today at 12 o’clock.

In addition to the Tower of London and Woolwich Barracks in London, shells will also be fired from ships.

Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Portsmouth will also be shelled to pay tribute to Prince Philip.

According to British media, members of Parliament will cover the services of Prince Philip on Monday, while the last rites of Prince Philip will be performed at St. George’s Chapel in Winzer.

 Due to the global epidemic of coronavirus, people will not be able to attend the last rites.

It is to be noted that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the husband of the Queen of England, had passed away yesterday. He was 99 years old. According to Buckingham Palace, Prince Philip had been ill for some days.

Prince Phillips had retired from royal duties in 2017 due to old age.

After the death of Prince Philip, flags were flown at important British buildings, and a series of condolence messages from around the world began on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.