The Prime Minister Called Army to Implement the Corona SOPs

The Prime Minister Called Army to Implement the Corona SOPs

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan called Army for help in implementing Corona SOPs.

Addressing the nation after the meeting of the National Coordinating Committee on Corona, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the third wave of Coronavirus has engulfed the entire world, the situation in our neighboring country is worse than in other countries. 

People are dying there due to a lack of hospitals and oxygen, people in Pakistan are not taking precautions and we fear that in the next few days the situation in Pakistan may be the same as it is in India.

The Prime Minister said that if we had not paid attention to hospitals last year, we might not be seeing better conditions in Pakistan today. Corona SOPs need to be strictly implemented.

If conditions like India happen, we will be forced to lockdown. I have been advised by many people that a complete lockdown should be imposed in the country, but I realize that lockdown removes the poorest.

Imran Khan said that great care was taken in Pakistan last year but unfortunately this time no one is following the instructions given by the NCOC, I am saying again and again that this should not happen, we will be forced to close everything. The government will now crack down on Corona SPs, and this time we have asked not only the police and Rangers but also the army to come to the streets and make the people follow the SOPs.