Video of Asim Azhar Singing Strings Goes Viral

Video of Asim Azhar singing Strings goes viral

The video of famous Pakistani singer Asim Azhar singing the song of Pakistan’s famous contemporary music band ‘Strings’ has gone viral which is also being liked by famous actors including the fans of the Strings band.

Social media influencer Mirab Ali shared a video with singer Asim Azhar on his Instagram account.

Sharing the video, Mirab wrote, “Two different types of people are trying to sing Strings songs.”

Mirab Ali added, “The first song is Strings’ ‘Sajni’ which we have tried to sing. This is his favorite song.”

Tagging Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, the founders of Strings Band, Mirab Ali has requested, “Please form a group again.”

Fans are very much liking the song ‘Sajni’ sung by Strings in the voice of singer Asim Azhar in the video. On the other hand, this video has also been liked by Khobro actress Sajjal Ali.