YouTube Mobile App Introduces New Option for Video Quality

YouTube Mobile App Introduces New Option for Video Quality

YouTube has introduced a major change to Android and iOS apps that will change the experience of using this video-sharing site.

Now there is a list of resolutions for playing a video on YouTube which has different resolution options with auto option.

Auto Option adjusts video quality according to internet connection speed.

But now under the new change, the video quality menu will have 4 options Auto, Higher Picture Quality, Data Saver, and Advanced.

YouTube Mobile App Video Quality New Option

In this setting, the video will also be streamed at 720p on a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

Data saver mode will consume fewer data and picture quality will be limited to 480p, but 720p resolution on high-speed connections will also be part of the video.

The full list of video resolutions can be seen in the Advanced menu, but it will only apply to open video.

However, it is possible to set the default video quality by going to Settings, Video Quality, and then by going to the Preferences menu and setting the default settings for Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi.

This feature has now been introduced to users but it will take some time to reach everyone.

This new change will allow users to save mobile data in a much better way.