Air Blue Kissing, Social Media Users are Divided Over the Couple’s Kiss on the Passenger Plane

#Air Blue Kissing, Social Media Users are Divided Over the Couple's Kiss on the Passenger Plane

Every day on social media, one or another issue is under discussion on which the opinion of the users also comes to the fore.

Recently, there has been an incident on which the opinion of internet users has been divided and if someone is tweeting in favor of the incident, then someone is opposing it.

It so happened that on a private airline flight from Karachi to Islamabad, the issue of kissing by a couple came up for discussion.

According to reports circulating on social media, a couple on a flight to Islamabad on May 20 was seen engaged in a ‘kiss and kiss’ and the airline staff failed to stop them despite several attempts.

Eyewitnesses claim that Brahman’s pairing in the fourth line of the passenger plane ‘kissed’ on which other passengers aboard the plane complained and the air hostess asked the couple to refrain from the said act.

However, the couple did not listen to the staff and replied that they did not have the right to tell them what to do or not to do.

Later, passenger advocate Bilal Farooq Alvi, who was on the same flight, lodged a formal complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) against the airline’s staff for not taking appropriate action against the couple.

According to him, the staff had brought a blanket to cover the couple instead of stopping them.

However, it is not clear how the crew should have acted in such a situation as the incident took place during the flight so they could not be taken off the plane.

News of the incident went viral on social media, sparking a lengthy debate and splitting consumer opinion that two adults should be allowed to publicly express love to each other by mutual consent or ‘kiss’ during the flight. Has damaged the moral values ​​of our society.

However, the debate escalated to the point that the hashtag ‘#AirblueKissing’ was on top trend on Twitter this afternoon.

A user named Ali Akbar Cheema wrote that “single people are consoling themselves on the Airblue incident”.

Manahel Fatima said that the people of the country who watch the third most pornographic videos in the world are not tolerating a ‘kiss’? “Innocent is just the one who didn’t get the chance.”

A Twitter handle named Zen Wayne wrote that a couple (consenting) has made a noise on the sidewalk, when a woman is raped, no one says anything, Pakistanis should be ashamed.

A user named Shah wrote that the person who narrated the incident in front of everyone did wrong because it is forbidden in Islam to reveal one’s secrets and reveal one’s deeds to the public.

“If you think you are human, you should not defend pornography in public,” said Farhan Ahsan.

“Passengers are going to buy Air Blue tickets,” the hard talk Twitter handle jokingly wrote.

A user named Khaliq Abbasi wrote, “The impression of the person sitting behind the couple is something like this.

“Air Blue, we love you. The air hostess who gave the blanket should be promoted,” Maha Dar wrote.

“We live in a world where we have to hide love while violence continues in broad daylight,” Nomad wrote.