Attempt to Snatch Son from Indian Actress Shweta Tiwari – Video Viral

Attempt to Snatch Son from Indian Actress Shweta Tiwari - Video Viral

Shweta Tiwari, the most popular actress in the Indian drama industry, has shared a video of her ex-husband.

The actress shared a video of her society’s CCTV camera on Instagram showing how her ex-husband Abhinav Kohli was trying to snatch her son Ryanish.

He said in the caption that the video was uploaded just to let people know the truth, I will delete this video in a few days. Shweta Tiwari said that this is the reason why my son is scared of this person. Yes, after this incident, Ryanish was in a state of panic for more than a month when he could not sleep properly at night. The Indian actress said that Ryanish’s hand was in pain for two weeks due to his father’s force. He kept doing it until now he was afraid to meet his father.

“I can’t let my child suffer from this stress under any circumstances, I will do anything to keep him happy,” she added. Shweta also uploaded another video in which it can be seen that Ryanish How scared she is to come to her father’s house.

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It should be noted that Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Abhinav Kohli had accused the actress of endangering her son Ryan’s life due to shooting and said that she locks her son alone in a hotel room and goes for the shooting.