Bangladesh Made Changes to its Passport with Reference to Israel

Bangladesh Made Changes to its Passport with Reference to Israel

Bangladesh has made major changes to its passport. Diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and Israel have not yet been established, but Bangladesh has quietly made significant changes to its passport.

According to the details, it was written on the old passport of Bangladesh that this travel document is valid for all countries except Israel, but now the two most important words ‘except Israel’ have been removed from it.

The public was told by the Bengali government that they would now be issued an e-passport, but declined to say whether there would be any changes to it in relation to Israel.

When the change came to the public eye on the new passports issued, the government acknowledged that the words “Israel” had been removed from the travel document issued by the country, and that the passports were technically valid for all countries. Has become legitimate.

On the other hand, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momin while talking to Geo News sources clarified that diplomatic relations are not being established with Israel and the Bangladeshi government is not moving towards recognizing Israel.

He claimed that removing the words “Israel” from the passport did not mean that Bangladesh’s position on Israel had changed, adding that Bangladeshi nationals were barred from traveling to Israel.

Asked about the removal of two words like “Israel” from the passport, Dr. Abdul Momen said that the passport is a national identity and does not reflect foreign policy.

At the same time, he claimed that there are no such words on any passport in the world, so the Bangladeshi passport has been made in accordance with international standards.

However, Geo News may make it clear that the Bangladeshi foreign minister is trying to throw dust in the eyes of the people by using misrepresentation.

Pakistani Passport

This can be gauged from the fact that if you look at the Pakistani passport, you will find that it is clearly written on the Pakistani passport that this passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel.