British Ambassador Directs Cleanup of Margalla Hills, Twitter Users Criticizes Management

British Ambassador Directs Cleanup of Margalla Hills, Twitter Users Criticizes Management

It is believed that a morning walk on the lush Margalla hills in the federal capital Islamabad will be full of joy and freshness but the situation is quite different as evidenced by the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner. 

These days, the British High Commissioner in Islamabad is spreading awareness about the environmental pollution caused by the garbage in the Margalla Hills in Islamabad and has directed to keep it clean as well as draw the attention of the administration to this issue.

On April 30, Christian Turner shared a picture of the Margalla Hills on Twitter, in which he was throwing garbage in a bag.

In this tweet of the British High Commissioner, some users blamed the administration and some blamed the citizens.

This morning (May 7) the British High Commissioner shared another photo of Margalla Hills where he had gone for a morning walk on Friday.

In the tweeted photo, Christian Turner is seen holding 2 bags full of garbage and plastic in both his hands.

“Another Friday morning, 2 more bags of trash,” Christian Turner tweeted.

In his tweet, he briefly referred to the cleaning of garbage in the hills of Margalla, saying, “Cleaning is half faith.”

However, the debate and criticism over the tweet started when Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat praised Christian Turner in a one-word tweet and wrote ‘Great’ but he has now deleted his tweet.

Instead of acknowledging the mistake and negligence of his administration, he praised the British High Commissioner.

Later, after severe criticism, DC Islamabad clarified in a tweet that his comment was misunderstood.

“My comment was misinterpreted, I just appreciated Christian Turner’s efforts to keep Islamabad clean,” Hamza Shafqat wrote.

“I would urge everyone not to pollute the forests. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment clean,” he added.

On the other hand, cricketer Wasim Akram, who has been raising his voice against environmental pollution and change and also drew attention to the piles and garbage on the beach, called the tweet of the British High Commissioner a shame for the locals. Given

Wasim Akram said, “It is very embarrassing now. Where are we going?”

He also thanked Christian Turner for clearing garbage from Margalla Hills.

The British High Commissioner’s tweet today was criticized by many users and the administration and the citizens who go there.

A user named Wahab wrote, “Every week, the ambassador of another country is regularly slapping the receipt. Feel it ‘

Praising Christian Turner, Asma Khan wrote: “It is a shame for our nation and I am sure that the morale of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad and other bureaucrats has waned and now we are waiting for their colleagues.”

Sardar Mehtab wrote, “Take me around the whole of Islamabad, DC Islamabad’s performance will be exposed in dozens of places, the truth is that Islamabad is really full of dirt, I openly challenge, with me Take a tour of Islamabad.

“We are grateful to you, but it is the responsibility of the administration and the CDA. We apologize for the inconvenience,” Asad Ansari wrote.

Saad Mohammad wrote, “What a shame.”

“This is an embarrassing post for Muslims in which a non-Muslim is telling Muslims that cleanliness is half the battle,” wrote O’Brien Farhane.